A Single Raindrop is the Beginning of a Flood!

New World Flood is a 501c3 non-profit organization passionate about volunteerism, whose purpose is to flood the world with service!

Current Flood

A Thanksgiving distribution of over 2048 frozen turkeys and trimmings to families in need in the greater Lansing and Kalamazoo community.

The Community Feast: Flood to Feed a Million Families Program distributes frozen turkeys and trimmings to families in need in both Lansing and Kalamazoo to allow them to celebrate Thanksgiving. New World Flood raises funds in October and November to feed the need of more than 2000 families. Turkeys are also donated to other local hunger relief organizations.

New World Flood will host fundraising events and have an online social media campaign to allow people to get involved. The next step will be to give out the turkeys!


American Food & Petroleum Distributors Foundation (AFPD), the voice for the food, beverage and petroleum industry since 1910 wanted to extend the reach of their Thanksgiving philanthropy. In 2012, AFPD partnered their passion with Diageo, the world’s leading premium drinks business, and New World Flood to create the movement now known as The High Five Turkey Drive.

“People are in need all over and we have an opportunity to take care of a few of them, if just for one day.” – Todd, Founder

Join us September 21st for the First Annual High Five Turkey Drive Fundraiser at The Moors Golf Club in Portage, Michigan. Be a part of this amazing event and help us raise funds for Thanksgiving dinners. Please send an email to info@NewWorldFlood.org if you would like to play, volunteer, donate or be involved.

  • The Giving will happen from 7am-7pm in the front parking lot.
  • If you are a family in need please call Christian Family Service (517) 394.5411


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