A Single Raindrop is the Beginning of a Flood!

New World Flood is a 501c3 non-profit organization passionate about volunteerism, whose purpose is to flood the world with service!

Current Flood

A school in Arusha, Tanzania for underserved youth

The Passion: Believing in the value of youth, we seek to give children opportunity to actualize their passions. As a result, they become empowered to flood their community with service.

The Purpose: The Foundation created a curriculum called The Flood Garden Project. It is a model of how schools in underserved communities can empower children.  By developing a small working farm on the property, The Foundation provides a needed center of activity and the opportunity for life exploration. In a community with limited electricity and resources, The Foundation grants children the tools for self-exploration, teamwork and knowledge-based outcomes. As of December 2014, The Foundation is currently serving approximately 60 children and educate more than 10,000 people in neighboring communities with 5 instructors and 4 additional staff.


Our curriculum is designed to focus on developmental activities and learning around the Flood Garden crops, animals, and playtime. We take our inspiration from measurable practices that emphasize critical thinking, through play and hands-on activities such as Montessori and Project Based Learning models.

  • Sustainability through community farming
  • Animal Care
  • Hands-On Learning
  • Service Learning

The Story: In 2009, David Gido recognized an opportunity in his hometown, Arusha, Tanzania. His passion and purpose became to provide a school for the underserved youth. Using his own funds, he created the Make A Difference Tanzania Foundation.  In 2011, David and New World Flood joined forces to give the school a curriculum that will help these students improve their community and find their place in a larger world.



The Foundation is a great resource as a Spring Break Alternative for students in the United States.

  • The Foundation runs year round
  • We will post monthly updates
  • Contact info@newworldflood.org to become a Rainmaker for The Foundation


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