A Single Raindrop is the Beginning of a Flood!

New World Flood is a 501c3 non-profit organization passionate about volunteerism, whose purpose is to flood the world with service!

Current Flood

A flag football tournament with “X-Factor” athletics and celebrities that raises money and awareness for kids battling life-threatening illnesses.

The Battlefield Brawl is a flag football tournament that raises money and awareness for kids battling life-threatening illnesses in The Oldham Project Kids Program, a Greater Lansing non-profit that provides free professional portraits to cancer patients. It’s not your average tournament as it stars celebrities, professional athletes and past Michigan State University football and basketball players. These celebrity athletes are drafted to the teams that raise the most funds for the cause. To sign up a team or volunteer please click on the Dates & Details Tab.

Battlefield Brawl is a one day flag football tournament for teams of 8-10 average Janes and Joes to compete. X-Factors are notables, like Drew Stanton, current Arizona Cardinals and former MSU quarterback and Marty Klebba, Michigan native and actor, Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Teams register with New World Flood and draft X-Factors to their teams to increase their chances to win the coveted Jacquelyn Barham Championship trophy. Teams raise funds to better their draft positions. The Brawl is held the Sunday following the annual MSU Football Spring Green and White game.

  • Each team is guaranteed two games
  • Double Elimination Tournament
  • Family Friendly Activities
  • Food Vendors

Our Brawl Champion IS a Cancer Survivor! Justin Caine who battled brain cancer as a kid found his passion and purpose from his experience. Justin wanted to share his victory and his story to help other kids battling life-threatening illnesses. So in 2009, Justin partnered with NWF Founder, Todd Duckett, to create Battlefield Brawl.

“I was just so moved by Justin and his dedication to not just surviving, but thriving. My entire life in football has been about strength, but Justin showed me what true strength really was.” – Todd, Founder

The Battlefield Brawl VI will be held the Sunday following Michigan State’s Green & White Game TBA

Deadline for teams to register is Friday, April 10, 2015 5:00 p.m. (Space providing).


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